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Volume 8 · Issue 11 · November 2003


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Systematic Review of ISO 9001/4:2000 Set to Begin

Charles Cianfrani and John E. (Jack) West provide an overview of the activities of the SCs and WGs of ISO/TC 176 during its 21st annual meeting in October 2003. They note that TC 176 spent a good part of its meeting on the development of several new standards, activities in support of the use of ISO 9001/4:2000 and the steps in initiating a systematic review of these two standards. Cianfrani and West advise you not to concern yourself with the review process and to focus instead on using ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9004:2000 effectively to make improvements beyond the baseline. Both standards are likely to remain in their current form until at least 2008, after which the vast majority of ISO 9001 requirements will still most likely be retained.