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Volume 7 · Issue 8 · August 2002


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ISO Survey: ISO 9000 Jumps 100K+; ISO 14001 Up 60%

The issuance of 44,288 certificates for ISO 9001:2000 by the end of 2001 signals that the transition is behind schedule but well underway. More notable is that, of 510,616 QMS certificates reported in the latest ISO Survey, 101,198 (19.8%) of them were issued in 2001. More than 10,000 new ISO 14001 certificates were also issued, bringing the total number to 36,765 and keeping the annual ISO 14001 growth rate worldwide above 60%. Detailed data from the 11th Cycle of the ISO Survey and key findings concerning US, North American and global registration activity for 2001 is provided.