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Volume 7 · Issue 7 · July 2002


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Is Corrective Action Just Another Procedure?

Denise E. Robitaille writes that Corrective Action is another QMS process specified by ISO 9001 and is intended to ensure consistency and efficiency of processes and product. Unfortunately, Corrective Action is not perceived in most firms in the same light as other QMS processes, nor is it held to the same standards of control and consistency. Robitaille warns that this misperception of what Corrective Action is and how it relates to the rest of the QMS could result in an ineffective management system, and not just because of the lack of an effective Corrective Action procedure. She examines what most organizations consider Corrective Action and what they really need and presents a table describing the relationship of Subclause 8.5.2 to other clauses/subclauses of ISO 9001:2000 and thus to critical processes in a QMS.