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Volume 7 · Issue 11 · November 2002


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Registrations Poor Indicator of ISO 9001:2000 Acceptance

The IAG met in September to continue looking at the ISO 9000 scenario and threats and opportunities associated with it. ISO 9001:2000 registrations may not reflect the true level of transition activity, but not all registered organizations will remain registered. So, effective implementation and use of QMSs exceeding ISO 9001’s requirements are more important to true ISO 9001:2000 acceptance, which will only occur by strengthening the conformity assessment system and providing greater support for implementers, users and auditors. Nigel Croft and Dale Misczynski provide their insights on the IAG, its mission, the state of the transition and what factors to consider in continuing registration. An IAF resolution to develop a guidance document for QMS auditors that will focus on auditing of an ISO 9001:2000- and thus process-based QMS is also covered.