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Volume 7 · Issue 10 · October 2002


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Stepping Up to ISO 9004:2000—Focus on Measurement and Analysis

Russell T. Westcott writes that, while ISO 9001:2000 requires an organization to pursue improvement of its QMS by using data collected by several QMS processes, it does not necessarily require the organization to make fact-based decisions in managing its business activities. By using the guidance in Section 8 of ISO 9004:2000, you are looking to step up to ways that will improve fact-based decision-making within your organization and will lead you beyond the baseline results ISO 9001 will provide. In the eleventh entry in a series on stepping up to ISO 9004:2000 to go beyond a baseline QMS, Wescott addresses three major QMS elements and activities that can help move an organization toward critical improvement: strategic objectives, customer satisfaction and self-assessment.