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Volume 7 · Issue 10 · October 2002


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ISO 14004 CD2 for Ballot Ready, ISO 14001 CD2 Awaits Survey

At recent meetings in Cancun, WG 2 agreed to issue a CD2 for ballot of ISO 14004, while WG 1 will conduct a survey of its members before issuing a CD2 for ISO 14001 to determine if any major issues remain that could prevent achieving consensus in CD2 balloting. As a result, circulation of ISO/CD2 14004 will be held up until ISO/CD2 14001 is ready, although Connie Ritzert and Philip Stapleton indicate that CD2s for both standards are expected to be issued by February 2003, which will allow the two WGs to produce DISs when TC 207 next meets in July 2003. US SubTAG 1 may need to meet in early November to properly respond to the survey. Details of the survey procedure and why this extra verification step is being applied are provided.