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Volume 7 · Issue 1 · January 2002


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ISO/TS 16949: Revised Auto QMS Specification Due Out by March

International voting within TC 176 concluded in December 2001 with a 79% vote of approval for the ballot draft of the second edition of ISO/TS 16949 and it is expected to be published by March 2002. However, with 63 pages of comments submitted, the drafters will be meeting in Munich in January 2002 to address the comments, and suppliers are advised to await the published second edition to begin a transition from QS-9000 or another sector registration. Hank Gryn of DaimlerChrysler discusses the process the ATG (IATF and JAMA) will follow in addressing the comments, the ATG’s sense of the comments and the future of TS 16949. The voting results and a brief look at the international comments are included.