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Volume 6 · Issue 8 · August 2001


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Marketplace Trends: ISO 9000 Tops 50,000 and ISO 14001 Tops 2,000 in North America

Stewart Anderson writes that, as of June 30, North America has achieved a total of 50,891 certificates of ISO 9001/2/3 registration, an increase of 6,866 since June 30, 2000. Of these, 314 were ISO 9001:2000 certificates (193 new certificates and 121 transitioning from ISO 9001/2/3:1994). Anderson provides data for North America as a whole and Canada, Mexico and the US on registrations to ISO 9001/2/3, ISO 14001 and sector-specific requirements linked to ISO 9001, with a detailed analysis of ISO 9001/2/3 registration activity that compares North American markets with comparable mature markets. He also explores some issues with the latest registration trends with two registrars.