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Volume 6 · Issue 3 · March 2001



Each issue of THE INFORMED OUTLOOK includes 8-12 major articles (36-40 pages) on issues that are timely and pertinent to management system professionals. We include a balanced viewpoint with reports from both the editors of THE OUTLOOK and from contributing experts in their field. While our focus is primarily on quality management systems (ISO 9000, QS-9000, TL 9000 and other QMS requirements), we also regularly report on management systems for environmental programs (ISO 14000) and on industry-specific requirements. As an example, the following article was drawn from the March 2001 issue of THE OUTLOOK – it explores statistical process control (SPC) is an activity that is critical to the effective operation of a quality management system and provides the status of ISO/FDIS 11462-1, Guidelines for implementation of statistical process control (SPC)–Part 1: Elements of SPC. Subscribe today for equally insightful articles on management system standards!