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Volume 6 · Issue 3 · March 2001


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ISO 9001:2000, A Liability Perspective on Its Impact

Dr. James W. Kolka evaluates ISO 9001:2000 and its impact on legal liability. He examines what 5 clauses/subclauses require of an organization, what the potential liability risks are if the QMS is not truly in conformance and where there are opportunities for the QMS to provide more protection of an organization. In fact, Kolka proposes that publication of ISO 9001:2000 itself could become a factor if an organization has failed to begin the transition from ISO 9001/2:1994 within a reasonable period of time. It is important for top management to examine its ISO 9001:2000-based QMS–or the lack thereof–from a legal perspective and consider the potential impact on a litigation situation should one occur.