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Volume 6 · Issue 10 · October 2001


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US Prepares Auditing No Vote, Considers Yes on TS 16949:2002

With the US votes of disapproval on ISO/DIS 19011, the US EA/QA Liaison Group plans to submit with its comments a proposed replacement for Section 7 on auditor competency that would improve the document and resolve US objections. At the same time, US TG 18 is contemplating the recommendation of a vote of approval with comments on the final draft of ISO/TS 16949, which would align the automotive sector-specific requirements with ISO 9001:2000. This report provides details from the Liaison Group’s review of comments submitted on ISO/DIS 19011 and the TG 18 meeting, including discussions of and actions on TS 16949, PSI, sector-specific standards, ISO 9001:2000 interpretations, the future of ISO 9001/4, the revision of other standards and documents in the ISO 9000 series and concern and confusion with BS 18000.