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Volume 6 · Issue 10 · October 2001


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FMEA Manual 3rd Edition: Product/Process Failure Analysis Emphasizes Prevention

In July 2001, the third edition of the FMEA manual was published, providing guidelines for the application of FMEA to product design activities and production processes in a manufacturing-oriented organization so as to identify every opportunity for a failure in a product or process, thereby managing the risk and reducing the chance that failures will occur. Included in this in-depth examination of the July 2001 edition of the FMEA manual is an examination of what a FMEA is, an overview of what the FMEA manual provides, guidance on how FMEA is used and information and a table on the differences between the second and third editions. In addition, Murray Sittsamer provides "FMEA in a nutshell" to help you get the most out of the FMEA process.