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Volume 6 · Issue 10 · October 2001


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AIAG Quality Survey Focuses on New Issues

Radley M. Smith, who served as Co-Chair of the AIAG 2000/2001 Quality Survey, writes that this most recent survey marks a sharp break with previous AIAG Quality Surveys, which dealt primarily with the introduction and acceptance of QS-9000. He notes that the team that developed the 2000/2001 survey focused on current OEM/supplier issues and included questions that would provide more timely and useful information. Smith provides details from the results of the survey, including the viewpoint of respondents on what would improve QS-9000 results (including by registrars and OEMs), whether TS 16949 has any value for suppliers, if registration is a value-added way to reinforce quality system conformance, how aware suppliers are of the OEM mandates for ISO 14001 and how well suppliers understand the benefits of EMS implementation and registration.