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Volume 6 · Issue 1 · January 2001


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TC 207 Meetings in Brazil: New ISO 14004 Language Drafted, Old Issues Remain

Connie Glover Ritzert writes that, at a November 2000 meeting of WG 2 of TC 207/SC 1 in Brazil, 50 delegates working in TGs were able to produce draft language on five issues for circulation to WG 2 for comment prior to its next meeting in July 2001 in Malaysia. Ritzert reports on the status of the ISO 14004 revision process, including the activities of TGs addressing 9 priority issues, and discusses the challenges in revising the guidance standard. Organizations that have already implemented and registered an ISO 14001-based EMS, as well as those interested in future guidance on EMS implementation, will find it useful to gain an insider’s view of the progress on the revision work to date and of some of the challenges WG 2 is facing.