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Volume 5 · Issue 8 · August 2000


Sector-Specific Requirements: At Least Three Industries to Stay Linked to ISO 9001:2000

Based on information from four industries, it is expected that at least three of their sector-specific sets of quality requirements based on ISO 9001:1994 will be updated to remain linked with ISO 9001:2000. A fourth sector–medical devices–will update its set of requirements, likely to remain linked "in some fashion" with ISO 9001:2000. Support by most sectors for ISO/FDIS 9001 represents victory for ISO 9001’s continued role as the foundation for QMSs in most fields and acceptance that ISO 9001 by itself does not provide all the QMS requirements for all business types. This report provides an in-depth look at future plans for the revisions to AS9100 (aerospace), TS 16949 (automotive), ISO 13485/8 (medical devices) and TL 9000 (telecommunications) with ISO 9001:2000 expected to be published by December 2000. The establishment of a Liaison Forum by TC 176 and what that will offer to the sectors is also examined.