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Volume 5 · Issue 8 · August 2000



Each issue of THE INFORMED OUTLOOK includes 8-12 major articles (30-40 pages) on issues that are timely and pertinent to management system professionals. We include a balanced viewpoint with reports from both the editors of THE OUTLOOK and from contributing experts in their field. While our focus is primarily on quality management systems (ISO 9000, QS-9000, TL 9000 and other QMS requirements), we also regularly report on management systems for environmental programs (ISO 14000) and on industry-specific requirements. As an example, the following article was drawn from the August 2000 issue of THE OUTLOOK – it explores quality system registration issues that will affect automotive suppliers now and in the future. These issues were among the subjects of a meeting on August 8, 2000, between the DaimlerChrysler/Ford/General Motors Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force (SQRTF) and representatives of the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR). Subscribers to THE OUTLOOK benefit from regular reports of this nature that enable them to remain current on leading issues in their industry and career fields. Subscribe today!