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Volume 5 · Issue 8 · August 2000


ISO 9001/2/3 Registrations Up 26%; ISO 14001 Up 78.9%

At the end of 1999, worldwide certificates of registration to ISO 9001/2/3 reached 343,643, an annual increase of 71,796–more than the total number held by organizations in June 1994, when ISO 9001/2/3:1994 were being published. Worldwide ISO 14001 certificates of registration reached 14,106, an increase of 6,219–80.1% more certificates than were issued in 1998 and an increase in total certificates of 78.9%. These numbers are among the highlights from the Ninth Cycle of The ISO Survey, which reports on registration figures up through December 31, 1999. In this analysis of data from the Ninth Cycle, 12 figures and 2 Annexes from The ISO Survey are provided, including certificates by industrial sector, along with 2 figures presenting ISO 9001/2/3 and ISO 14001 registration trends for the US, North America and the world. Among the results, the US has lost its 1998 ranking as the country with the highest growth in ISO 9001/2/3 certificates, coming in second to Australia, but retains its sixth place ranking for growth in ISO 14001 certificates.