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Volume 5 · Issue 12 · December 2000


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Year 2000 Family Available; US Editions Out by January 1

ISO released the official balloting results on November 24, 2000, on the approval of ISO 9000:2000, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9004:2000. ISO 9001/4:2000 each received a greater than 98% vote of approval and ISO 9000:2000 received a 93% vote of approval. A total of 63 votes was cast on each standard. "This vote was one of the highest in ISO’s history in terms of the proportion of votes cast," according to Roger Frost of ISO. Approval cleared the way for their publication as ISO standards and their adoption as national standards, with the American National Standards due out by January 1, 2001. Details on the voting results, the prices and availability of the standards and the transition period and supporting documents being developed by TC 176 are included, along with reprints of the ISO press release and ISO’s Quality Management Principles Brochure.