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Volume 5 · Issue 12 · December 2000


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Internal Audit Requirements Change Little in ISO 9001:2000

Paul J. Kunder writes that one QMS requirement that is not new with ISO 9001:2000, but has been through some changes, is Subclause 8.2.2, Internal Audit. He emphasizes that, as you compare the 1994 and 2000 editions of ISO 9001, you will discover that there is different or additional language, but the core principle of internal quality auditing remains the same. Kunder compares the requirements in ISO 9001:1994’s Clause 4.17 with ISO 9001:2000’s 8.2.2 and explores 7 requirements that are common to the two standards and 2 that are "new" with 8.2.2. He encourages audit program managers to review the changes in detail. As always, knowledge is power!