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Volume 5 · Issue 11 · November 2000


Registrars Ready But Not Pushing Transition

An ISO 9001:2000 transition survey was sent to 22 of the top 23 accredited ISO 9001/2/3 registrars in North America. Of these, 10 submitted responses that have been analyzed to provide you with a preliminary sense of how prepared these registrars and their clients are for the transition. The survey shows that all the respondents are prepared to offer ISO 9001:2000 assessments for upgraded ISO 9001/2/3-registered QMSs and brand-new QMSs and are communicating about the transition, but that they are not strongly encouraging their clients. Information is included on auditor training, upgrading a QMS conforming to sector supplements, estimates of when registered QMSs will be upgraded and other issues.