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Improving New Product development Performance and Practices

Summary: Discover the practices of top New Product development (NPD) performers at the project and organizational levels and examine the overall impact of NPD best practices in Improving New Product development Performance and Practices. Learn project characteristics, solutions, and methods that both verify and refute some commonly prescribed success factors and performance drivers.


New Product development strategy

  • This area covers the organization's total new product strategy (as part of its corporate strategy) and any changes made to accommodate the current economic climate.
New Product development process
  • This area covers the new Product development process and the specific activities within this process.
Customer research and market orientation
  • This area covers methods used to include customer, user, and market inputs into the design of the product, as well as the effectiveness of these methods.
Portfolio management and resource allocation
  • This area covers how the organization selects and prioritizes development projects, as well as how it allocates resources to different types of projects.
Organizational approach and project teams
  • This area covers the way projects are organized (e.g., a cross-functional team instead of a functional approach, team leadership, power, and location) to maximize success and promote positive new product performance.
Culture and commitment
  • This area covers the organization's internal culture and climate for innovation, including management involvement and commitment.

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