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Talent Management: From Competencies to Organizational Performance

Summary: Examine how best-practice organizations design competencies, tap into the talent pool, engage senior leadership to shepherd the talent, use technology, and tie the critical aspects of talent management together to show consistent business performance improvement in Talent Management: From Competencies to Organizational Preformance.


  • Best-practice organizations define "talent management" broadly.
  • Best-practice organizations integrate the various elements of talent management into a comprehensive system.
  • Best-practice organizations focus talent management processes on their most highly valued talent. More talent management attention is given to managers and to professionals in core functions.
  • Best-practice organizations have CEOs and senior executives who are committed to and invest their time in talent management work.
  • Best-practice organizations build competency models to create a shared understanding of the skills and behaviors that the organization needs and values in employees.
  • Best-practice organizations monitor talent system wide to identify current or potential future talent gaps.
  • Best-practice organizations excel at recruiting, identifying, developing, and retaining talent, as well as a managing performance.
  • Best-practice organizations regularly evaluate the results of talent management.

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