ASQ to Recognize Achievements in Quality

ASQ to Recognize Achievements in Quality

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Recipients to be honored for innovative contributions to quality profession

Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 16, 2012ASQ will present its Distinguished Service Medals, along with 11 other awards, on May 20 in Anaheim, Calif., in advance of its annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement.

ASQ is the world’s largest global community of experts and the leading authority on quality in all fields, organizations, and industries.

The award recipients are recognized for their innovative contributions and achievements in quality. Their exemplary achievements also are representative of the ideas and tools that make our world work better. Each individual will be awarded a medal or award during ASQ’s Annual Business Meeting on Sunday, May 20. For more information about ASQ awards, visit the ASQ website at

Distinguished Service Medal winners

ASQ’s Distinguished Service Medal represents the highest distinction from the Society for service, and honors the lifetime contribution of any person who has been recognized as a long-term enabler, catalyst, or prime mover in the quality movement. Distinguished Service Medals in 2012 have been awarded to:

James L. Bossert — Bank of America, Fort Worth, Texas
For his dedication and energy to promote and lead by example in the pursuit of quality; for his desire to help others learn and succeed in the quality profession; and for his sustained service to ASQ to improve the process and methods utilized that paved the way to ASQ’s standing as a world leader in quality.

Sister Mary Jean Ryan, FSM — SSM Health Care, St. Louis
For her distinguished contributions to the quality profession by extending the reach of quality into the health-care profession, and by living a role-model life that demonstrates the heart of quality in service to humankind.

2012 Society Medals

Feigenbaum Medal presented to Paulo Sampaio — University of Minho, Braga, Portugal
For his exceptional early-career dedication to personal mastery of the quality profession, enthusiastic pursuit in the growth and expansion of the body of quality knowledge, and his commitment to strengthening his nation of Portugal through application of quality methods and principles.

Freund Marquardt Medal presented to Joseph J. Tsiakals — Baxa Corp., Englewood, Colo.
For being a leading innovator in the development and implementation of standards and regulations for management systems, medical devices, statistical methods, and blood banks; for co-authoring “Generic Guidelines for Quality Systems;” for developing quality systems for medical devices; and for co-authoring the ASQ ISO 9000:2000 handbook. For his many contributions to the accreditation process for registrars and auditors and for authoring numerous papers on ISO 9000.

Grant Medal presented to Thong Ngee Goh — National University of Singapore, Singapore
For an outstanding career dedicated to the education and research of concepts and techniques for quality excellence and performance improvement; and for exceptional leadership in promoting the learning and application of effective quality tools throughout the world.

Hutchens Medal presented to Joel Makower — GreenBiz Group, Oakland, Calif.
For his leadership in helping the mainstream business community aligns sustainability and social responsibility with business success; and for his ability to tell compelling stories that both inform and inspire business leaders toward profitable action.

Ishikawa Medal presented to H. James Harrington — Harrington Institute Inc., Los Gatos, Calif.
For his many contributions in promoting the understanding of process improvement and employee involvement on the human aspects of quality at the local, national, and international levels.

Lancaster Medal presented to Janak Mehta — TQM International Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India
For outstanding contributions to the development, dissemination, and promotion of a holistic approach to quality management encompassing environmental responsibility and conservation of resources with emphasis on increasing mutual prosperity across all social strata; and for perseverance in nurturing the Asian Network for Quality to its 10th anniversary and establishing it as a significant entity in the global quality community.

Shainin Medal presented to Jack B. ReVelle — ReVelle Solutions LLC, Santa Ana, Calif.
For training, counseling, and assisting home builders and their trade contractors by introducing the application of statistical techniques, such as Lean Six Sigma and TQM, to solve residential construction-oriented problems related to home building products and home buyer services.

Shewhart Medal presented to Jerald F. Lawless — University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
For his leadership in the improvement of quality through the development of novel methodologies for reliability, lifetime data, and warranty analysis; for clear communication of these ideas to a broad audience through numerous papers and presentations; and for editorial contributions.

Brumbaugh Award presented to Bradley Jones — SAS Institute, Cary, N.C., and guest professor at Universiteit Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium; and Christopher J. Nachtsheim — University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, Minneapolis, Minn.
For co-authoring “A Class of Three-Level Designs for Definitive Screening in the Presence of Second-Order Effects,” published in the Journal of Quality Technology. The paper was deemed by the Brumbaugh Award Committee to have made the largest single contribution to the development of industrial application of quality control.

Gryna Award is presented to Michelle M. Deutsch — Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.
For presenting the paper that made the largest contribution to the extension of understanding and knowledge of the philosophy, principles, or methods of quality management during the past year. “Understanding the Business Case and Providing Tools for Increasing Engagement in the Workplace,” was published by the Human Development and Leadership Division.

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