Understanding Quality Improvement: First Steps

Quality First Steps

Start your quality journey on the right foot.

Basic Concepts - Concise explanations of some of the bedrock principles of quality.

Glossary - A handy guide to terms unique to quality.

The First Tools to Master - Sometimes called the Essential Seven or the Old Seven, these are the first quality tools to learn.

The First Books on Quality to Read - These will provide you with a solid foundation for your quality education.

The First Case Studies to Read - ASQ offers an extensive collection of case studies, which provide real-world examples of people using quality to improve their work in many different fields and businesses. We've picked a couple to get you started. All of our case studies are available in the easy-to-use, easy-to-share PDF format. (Note: You may need to submit an email address and pick a password to access the PDFs. Don't worry, ASQ values your privacy.)

Basic Training in Quality - Whether you prefer in-class training or electronic courses delivered via your computer, ASQ has your first training needs covered.

A Brief History of Quality - A five-minute read that takes you from the formation of craft guilds in the 13th century to the latest 21st-century quality tools and concepts.

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