Full Stream Ahead with Value Stream Mapping

Full Stream Ahead With Value Stream Mapping

You don’t pilot a boat into harbor with a blindfold on, and you shouldn’t try to steer quality improvement unless you can clearly see exactly how and where your process creates value.

For that, you need a value stream map, which illustrates the flow of materials and information as your product or service moves through the process.

This short video explains the benefits of value stream mapping and demonstrates how to create value stream maps in Quality Companion by Minitab.

Creating a value stream map of the current state of your process helps you focus on areas of waste such as excess inventory, nonvalue-added time, and multiple operators. As you envision the future state of your process, you can vary data on the current state map to explore the effects of possible improvements.

Already got a handle on the basics of value stream mapping? Then check out the two-part collection of VSM tips on the Minitab blog: VSM Tips #1 and VSM Tips #2

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