Building a Process-Based Organization

World Conference on Quality and Improvement vol. 51 - May 1997

Abstract: Modeling and simulation of the processes that comprise an organization help it to: focus on results of the total process; understand process complexities and interrelations; and perform what-if analyses. The process-based organization sees itself as a set of processes not as a set of functions. To obtain process information, organization members first should flowchart all processes in the organizational hierarchy of processes. Next, input/output diagrams add detail and consistency to the flowchart information by identifying, for example, process inputs, input suppliers, and process metrics. All this process information can reside in a process tracking database, which supports process modeling as well as decision making and assessment. The process model should be an extended model of process management, so that it covers not only process flow but also accountability, authority, controls, responsibility, and resources. Modeling and simulation help organization members go beyond intuitive feelings by learning the true nature of their processes.

Keywords: Input/Output Analysis - Simulations - Process management - Organizational design

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