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Quality Is Everywhere

In Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, quality methodology is used for continuous improvement and organizational excellence – cutting costs and bettering the world.

Quality Matters

In manufacturing, services, healthcare, government, and education, quality methodology is used to promote innovation and improve the triple – bottom line.

Throughout 2016, Quality Impact videos will be released to show how quality professionals make a difference at work and in the world every day. Visit often to learn more about these remarkable people and their indispensable work.

ASQ Quality Solutions


Staying up to date on best practices is vitally important. ASQ's Quality Press provides the widest selection of quality-related books available. And our Knowledge Center offers access to case studies and scholarly journals.


ASQ certification is a powerful career differentiator for the individuals who earn certifications. Not only does it open up career opportunities, it provides employers with an employee who is internationally recognized as a subject matter expert. If you want your organization and its employees to offer certifiable expertise from one of quality’s most respected programs, the answer is ASQ certification.


ASQ courses are created by professional developers, then peer reviewed by subject matter experts to achieve the highest level of accuracy and relevance. They are taught by industry experts with an average of 25 years of professional and teaching experience. To provide scheduling flexibility and accommodate various learning styles, ASQ courses are available in various formats, including classroom, virtual, and self-paced training.

Membership and Networking

ASQ individual and organizational members are building the future of quality. Join the ASQ global quality community and set yourself apart. Show your commitment to quality and give yourself a strong competitive advantage. Join today and help raise the voice of quality. With sections, divisions, conferences, and special events, ASQ puts you in an excellent position to network with others in your field or area of interest around the world.

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21st Century Quality

Over the past few decades alone quality has evolved from merely a compliance activity into a strategic asset and competitive differentiator. Today’s initiatives, strategies and objectives are focused on innovation, on increased productivity, on data management and analytics, on operational excellence, on customer satisfaction and on risk management. That’s the language of quality in the 21st century. No matter how it’s defined by an organization, quality is what differentiates the value of goods and services organizations and businesses create.

For 70 years, ASQ has been the go-to resource for individuals and organizations.Learn more about ASQ.

ASQ’s mission is simple: To increase the use and impact of quality in response to the diverse needs of the world.

From the Quality Impact Videos

"Quality is about solving problems."
—Dr. V.K. Agnihotri, Former Secretary-General Rajya Sabha

"If we…do not integrate quality tools in our processes, we are out of the market. We just disappear."
—Lisbeth Calva, Quality Consultant

"When we have continuously improved quality to any product or service, we have better services and better results. And that moves our whole society, our civilization."
—Ting Pan, Operational Excellence Deployment Leader, Cardinal Health China

"Quality is a way of living. It’s a personal ethic. To me, it’s a journey to excellence."
—Nada Nabil Abdallah, Sr. Specialist Customer Relations Department, Dubai Health Authority

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