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Tutorial: Why Teams Fail

Difficulty with teams is often blamed on a cultural emphasis in the United States on individual accomplishments versus shared responsibility and success. But problems are also caused by inadequate organizational support structures: Reward systems, for example, often reinforce individual performance.

Numerous reasons have been noted for why teams often fail to reach their full potential. Among them:

  • Failure to integrate cooperative work methods into the organizational culture.
  • Lack of organizational systems necessary to support the team process.
  • Minimal up-front planning of how the organization plans to utilize teams.
  • Failure to prepare managers for their changing roles.
  • Failure to prepare team members for their new roles.
  • Inappropriate reward and compensation systems.
  • Inadequate training.
  • Impatience of top management with the time needed for maturation.
  • Incomplete understanding of group dynamics.

Excerpted from The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Handbook, pages 52-53.

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