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Ford Team Project Builds Relationships, ImprovesQuality (PDF, 427 KB) 
When pre-launch reviews of the Ford Fiesta pointed to concerns about the quality of the vehicle's carpet, a team of Six Sigma Black Belts turned to design of experiments (DOE) to improve the carpet manufacturing process. The team redesigned the process in just two weeks, improving carpet quality and strengthening Ford's relationship with the supplier. 
September 2011

Improving an Unstable Process (PDF, 90 KB) By employing repeated small changes, evolutionary operations (EVOP) compels a process to produce information about itself, not just the product and monitoring data.

When to Use Fisher’s Exact Test (PDF, 97 KB) Traditional methods used to assess differences between items such as operators or machines may produce misleading results if the number of observations obtained for analysis is small. R. A. Fisher’s exact test may provide a more appropriate analysis.

Teaching the Role of SPC in Industrial Statistics (PDF, 170 KB) Conducting an analytical study on a process lacking statistical control is risky because the cause system becomes predictable only after it has been reduced to common causes.

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