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IT Department Improves Processes to Detect More Defects Sooner (PDF, 79 KB) Tufts Health Plan IT process improvements resulted in a 16% decline in defects identified in testing, a 68% increase in peer reviews conducted as a quality check before production, and a 59% increase in the number of issues identified in those peer reviews. (This case study appears as a section of the Software Engineering Institute technical report "Performance Results of CMMI®-Based Process Improvement.") August 2006.

Significance of Quality Certification: The Case of the Software Industry in India (PDF, 254 KB) Results of an empirical study conducted in the software industry in India show that quality certification helps in the implementation of TQM-based quality management programs and has an impact on operational performance. Quality Management Journal, January 2004.

Integrating PSP, TSP, and Six Sigma (PDF, 243 KB) This example of the defect management approach integrates the Personal Software Process (PSP) and the Team Software Process (TSP) for software development with Six Sigma; PSP and TSP provide a built-in measurement framework, a high-maturity base process and a training program, and Six Sigma contributes the statistical tools to analyze and control process performance, prioritize improvements and make valid fact-based management decisions.

End Users’ Perceptions of Software Quality (PDF, 155 KB) In this example of the quality attributes approach, an instrument adopted from SERVQUAL, a highly respected standard for assessing different dimensions of service quality, was developed for assessing the service quality of a computerized driver-licensing test.

Selecting Tools for Software Quality Management (PDF, 71 KB) Some international evaluation models for software quality focus on product quality, while others focus on process quality.

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