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Lean Six Sigma Increases Efficiency for Financial Services Firm (PDF, 457 KB)
A fund services organization used a Lean Six Sigma approach that featured kaizen events to enhance process control and increase capacity. In just four months, nine quick-fix projects achieved savings of $220,000, paving the way for larger strategic improvements.
April 2012

Ford Team Uses Six Sigma to Reduce Costs While Improving Environmental Impact (PDF, 332 KB)
A cross-functional team at a Ford Motor Co. site in Saarlouis, Germany, used Six Sigma to reduce paint expenditures, achieving a $2 million annual savings.
December 2011

Ford Team Project Builds Relationships, ImprovesQuality (PDF, 427KB) 
When pre-launch reviews of the Ford Fiesta pointed to concerns about the quality of the vehicle's carpet, a team of Six Sigma Black Belts turned to design of experiments (DOE) to improve the carpet manufacturing process. The team redesigned the process in just two weeks, improving carpet quality and strengthening Ford's relationship with the supplier. 
September 2011

Supporting Customers and Driving Excellence Through Quality (PDF, 703KB) A Firstsource Solutions team used Six Sigma to improve its processes for handling inbound customer service calls for a client’s new business, lowering the repeat call rate from 15 percent to 9.6 percent.
May 2011

Reducing Check Returns With Six Sigma (PDF, 681KB)
A Firstsource Advantage cross-functional team used Six Sigma to reduce the check return rate for a top client by more than 20 percent over a six-month period.
April 2011

Service Provider Improves Client's Metrics With Six Sigma (PDF, 480KB)
Firstsource Solutions used Six Sigma to reduce a retail mortgage client's turnaround time to approve applications, boosting the client's revenue by 6.9 million pounds.
April 2011

No Evil Lasts More Than 96 Hours (PDF, 342KB)
Using Six Sigma and quality tools, a Movistar Argentina improvement team reduced defects in the posting of customer payments by 50 percent, shortened the time needed to post payments from seven minutes to three seconds, decreased average allocation time from five to two days, and reduced rework by 68 percent.
March 2011

Quality Revolution Reduces Defects, Drives Sales Growth at 3M (PDF, 392KB)
By combining Lean Six Sigma and a Top-200 customer focus, 3M improved its belt fabrication processes. The improvement team reduced defects in parts per million by a factor of 28 times as sales increased by 54 percent.
November 2010

Negative Press Motivates Impossible Mission (PDF, 390KB)
Telefónica’s Impossible Mission team used a Six Sigma approach to increase on-time payments to media suppliers from two percent to 97.5 percent.
November 2010

Teaming Up With Six Sigma to Improve Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction (PDF, 326KB)
A Firstsource Solutions Six Sigma improvement team used the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) approach to improve accuracy rates for a client’s enrollment forms. The client passed a regulatory audit, avoiding a financial penalty, and the team became a finalist in the 2009-10 International Team Excellence Award competition.
November 2010

Six Sigma Improves Productivity, Adds Financial Value (PDF, 588KB)
Using a team-based Six Sigma approach, Firstsource Advantage improved collection call center productivity and added $250,000 in financial benefits. The improvement team earned finalist honors in the 2009-10 International Team Excellence Award competition.
November 2010

Critical Elements for Major Improvements
The MEDRAD packaging area’s Critical Elements improvement team used Six Sigma, brainstorming techniques, and a solution priority chart to reduce annual expenses by $160,000, eliminate excessive overtime, and reduce reliance on temporary workers.
September 2010

Wind Power Company Gets to the Root of an Icy Issue (PDF, 429KB)
A root cause analysis project saved Clipper Windpower $1 million in lost revenue while increasing customer satisfaction.
April 2010

The Challenge of Overcoming Success (PDF, 428KB)
A combination of theory of constraints, Six Sigma, and lean helped a DNA testing laboratory take a holistic approach to process improvement. Redesigning the workflow and laboratory layout and introducing new operating rules increased capacity without increasing costs.
March 2010

Optimizing Purchasing Processes Saves $1 Million (PDF, 258KB)
Can a change in purchasing processes for the most basic manufacturing components, like bolts, actually lead to $1 million in savings? For an MWM INTERNATIONAL Motores Six Sigma improvement team, the answer is a resounding yes.
July 2009

On the Right Track: Rail Company Reduces Expenses with Six Sigma (PDF, 182KB)
An improvement team at rail company CSX Transportation qualified as a finalist for ASQ’s 2008 International Team Excellence Award with a project focusing on train and engine expenses and accuracy in employee pay. The Six Sigma project led to annual savings of $1.4 million, with further reductions in waste resulting in $5.1 million in savings in 2007.
September 2008.

Simplify and Unleash: One Bank’s Strategy for Growth Through Six Sigma (PDF, 187KB)
A large retail bank used a Six Sigma strategy to simplify its retail division and remove incremental costs. Improving core business processes through process and product elimination and through process simplification resulted in $2.1 million in savings in just eight months.  
September 2008.

Six Sigma Green, Black Belts Help Manufacturer Save Nearly $1.5 Million (PDF, 115KB)
Green Belt efforts have resulted in hard savings of $1.2 million for Crown Equipment Corporation. Black Belt efforts have brought $285,000 in hard savings, with more expected as projects proceed further.
July 2008.

Improved Response Time Increases Revenue for Global Lender (PDF, 154KB)
A global lender was losing 40% of its applications for auto loans in Latin America, mainly due to slow response times. Through the use of basic lean and Six Sigma tools, response times improved by as much as 98%, and contract volume increased by up to 120%.
June 2008.

Pall Corporation: A Profile in “Process Excellence” (PDF, 192KB)
Pall Corporation’s “Process Excellence” combines lean, Six Sigma, dashboard metrics, and team involvement. This combination ensures improvement efforts are aligned with business imperatives and contributes to a culture of accountability.
April 2008.

It’s in the Genes at Cummins (PDF, 132KB)
Leveraging Six Sigma methods and tools, the Indiana based diesel maker successfully completed an HR project involving a labor union.
Quality Progress, April 2007.

Siemens VDO Optimizes Processes Using Six Sigma (PDF, 185KB)
Six Sigma is one of five pillars supporting the Siemens VDO quality strategy. The company earned global recognition for its use of Six Sigma when one project team earned the Bronze Award in the 2006 International Team Excellence Award competition.
February 2007.

You Can Go Home Again (PDF, 138KB)
The former chairman and CEO of Corning came out of retirement to turn around the company by focusing on quality, values and Six Sigma’s DMAIC process.
Quality Progress, January 2007.

Lean-Six Sigma: Tools for Rapid Cycle Cost Reduction (PDF, 82KB)
Financial leaders should take leadership roles in deploying Lean-Six Sigma to improve costs for healthcare organizations: start today by taking a “Manager Quality Waste Walk.”
October 2006.

Pocono Medical Center: Faster Lab Results Using Six Sigma and Lean (PDF, 188KB)
A Six Sigma/Lean project helped a laboratory develop a solution for delivering blood test results to doctors by 6 a.m. for critical care patients and by 7 a.m. for all other patients.
October 2006.

Cummins Inc. Saves Nearly $1 Billion with Six Sigma
September 2006.

Six Sigma's Power to Save: A DMAIC Project Reduces Energy Consumption for Visible Savings (PDF, 2.2MB)
A Six Sigma DMAIC project reduced energy consumption levels by 28% and achieved yearly savings of US $122,200 at a radiator manufacturing plant in Pune, India.
Six Sigma Forum Web Site, January 2005.

Project Leads to $1.65 Million in Annual Savings (PDF, 286KB)
Improvement needed to meet rising demand for galvanized coils.
Six Sigma Forum Magazine, November 2004.

Six Sigma: The Critical Link between Process Improvements and Business Results
(PDF, 382KB)
A delivery improvement case study from Pune, India, demonstrates how Six Sigma's focus on the relationships among a project's business Y, customer Y, process Y and inputs (Xs) can achieve breakthrough results.
Six Sigma Forum Web Site, October 2003.

Surmounting Staff Scheduling Challenges at Valley Baptist Health System (PDF, 53KB)
A project on staff scheduling led to an overall reduction in the hourly cost of overtime and agency use, translating to $460 thousand in potential savings.
ASQ Six Sigma Forum, September 2003.

Improving Customer Satisfaction through Six Sigma: A Paint Shop Case Study (PDF, 312KB)
A paint shop in Pune, India, achieved a fourfold improvement in quality levels in this four-month Six Sigma project.  
February 2003.

The Evolution of Six Sigma (PDF, 95KB)
Six Sigma methodology represents an evolutionary development combining the best elements from many earlier quality initiatives.

The Essential Six Sigma (PDF, 82KB)
How successful Six Sigma implementation can improve the bottom line.

Six Sigma Program Success Factors (PDF, 78KB)
The Six Sigma philosophy says that it is necessary to determine key input variables in a process in order to manage and optimize the process output.

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