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Quality Strategies Help Eliminate Likelihood of Serious and Deadly Injuries (PDF 5 MB) An energy company was dismayed to learn that its fire-safety clothing wasn't adequate for workers dealing with potentially deadly gas-line fires. The company used quality tools and methods to quantify the dangers employees faced and the best ways to protect them. The result: A dramatically safer work environment. NOTE: This PDF includes video clips of the burn tests conducted as part of the company's research. The link above will give you access to a version that includes Quicktime videos. If you have trouble viewing the clips, try viewing an alternate version of the PDF embedded with Windows Media (2 MB) videos. May 2007.

Regional Team Approach Helps Energy Company Enhance Safety, Avoid Costs (PDF, 165 KB) Xcel Energy's Denver operation reduced accidents by 48% in one year and saved the company an estimated $714,000 over a 24-month period. August 2006.

Seven Steps to Improved Safety For Medical Devices (PDF, 102 KB)
Prevent problems and shorten inspections with hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

How a Good Quality Management System Can Limit Lawsuits (PDF, 59 KB)
Quality professionals can spearhead product liability prevention programs.

Discrete Predictive Analysis in Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PDF, 480 KB)
This paper presents methods for predicting future numbers of component failures for probabilistic safety assessments (PSAs).

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