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The Quality Triad: Values, Vision, and Mission

Author: Paul Palmes, Quality Assurance Director of Northern Pipe Products Inc.

Use your computer or your MP3 player to listen as quality expert Paul Palmes discusses his view of the values, vision, and mission of a quality organization.

(To find out more about Paul Palmes, please go to his Web site.)

Values - The “V” Word (MP3, 6.7 MB, 16:44) Enduring organizations are grounded in more than well defined processes and customer focus. At its core, a world-class company makes everyday decisions at the organizational level in concert with its core values. This is the first of three programs regarding the Quality Triad of Values, Vision and Mission.

Vision - The answer to “So What?” (MP3, 10.0 MB, 24:58) Today’s program examines the relationship between an organization’s Values and its “Best Future,” or Vision. This second point in the Quality Triad seeks to define the end result of an organization that is actively working in concert with its Values.

“M” is for Mission! (MP3, 8.0 MB, 19:57) The third point in the Quality Triad is a Mission that inspires, creates momentum and unites an organization to achieve greatness. Missions are “BHAGS,” or, Big Hairy, Audacious Goals such as JFK’s famous call to a nation to, “Put a man on the moon and return him safely home by the end of the decade.”

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