Quotes on ISO 9000 and Standardization

Quality Management Systems (QMS) & ISO 9000 - Quotes

These popular quotes related to ISO 9000 and standardization come from the Knowledge Center’s Quality Quotes collection.

“[Quality is] the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy a given need.”
- ISO 9000 Series

“We cannot have islands of excellence in a sea of slovenly indifference to standards.”
- John W. Gardner

“Without a standard there is no logical basis for making a decision or taking action.”
- Joseph M. Juran

“Standardization should be optimistic: There is always room for improvement and a better future.”
- Shigeru Nakamura

“There can be no improvements where there are no standards.”
- Masaaki Imai

“Standards must be observed, but they are only the starting points for further improvements.”
- Shigeru Nakamura

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