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ISO 9000 and Other Standards Audiocasts

MP3 Audiocasts: The Eight Management Principles

Author: Paul Palmes, Quality Assurance Director of Northern Pipe Products Inc.

Use your computer or your MP3 player to listen as quality expert Paul Palmes tells the story of the Eight Management Principles.

(To find out more about Paul Palmes, please go to his Web site.)

What is Quality? (MP3, 9.7 MB, 16:20)
It’s amazing how many definitions of quality are founded on personal perspectives. That’s why 12 people will have a dozen different answers to the question, “What is quality?” This first program is important because it’s essential that a single, unified definition guides the discussion from this point onward.
Quality is:
1) Knowing exactly what your customer wants.
2) Providing more than expected.
3) Doing so in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The Eight Management Principles (MP3, 5.6 MB, 13:55)
The elements discussed in this program build off those examined in the opening program. To build a quality, enduring organization takes patience, direction and eagerly involved people. This program examines the first four of the Eight Management Principles found in the ISO 9000:2000 standard.

The Eight Management Principles, Part 2 (MP3, 9.7 MB, 24:14)
The remaining elements of the Eight Management Principles complete a “customer-focused” cycle that ultimately extends through the organization, linking suppliers and customers in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Introduction to ISO 9000 (MP3, 9.1MB, 22:40)
This program launches a two-part series about the international ISO quality management standard.

Introduction to ISO 9000 - Part Two (MP3, 6.3 MB, 15:43)
This program is a follow up to the initial “Introduction to ISO” and summarizes the overall intent and structure of the 9001 Standard.


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