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Gurus of Quality Audiocasts

Author: Paul Palmes, Quality Assurance Director of Northern Pipe Products Inc.

Use your computer or MP3 player to listen as quality expert Paul Palmes tells the story of the Quality “gurus.”

(To find out more about Paul Palmes, please visit his Web site.)

The Quality Gurus (MP3, 9.1 MB, 22:39)
The Quality gurus of the early, middle and late 20th century continue to intrigue us with their unique perceptions and transcendent abilities to see within systems and processes what most of us cannot even begin to imagine. This first program discusses common traits of the masters and their contemporaries.

Philip Crosby (MP3, 7.0 MB, 17:32)
By any account, Phillip Crosby stands as a true visionary when it comes to getting through to the masses regarding the importance of quality.

Joseph M. Juran (MP3, 6.1 MB, 15:11)
Juran’s work had a profound effect on mid-20th century management as he echoed and expanded the work of Deming, collected what continues to be the preeminent text of the Quality Management Body of Knowledge and popularized what we have come to call the 80-20 Rule. The net effect of those contributions will remain with us always.

W. Edwards Deming, An Introduction (MP3, 9.2 MB, 22:57)
This is the first of three programs dedicated to Deming’s teachings.

Deming’s 14 Points-Part 1 (MP3, 6.3 MB, 15:46)
This part of the series on Deming examines the first seven of Deming’s famous 14 points.

Deming’s 14 Points-Part 2 (MP3, 6.3 MB, 17:25)
The last seven of Deming’s 14 points are bit more direct. They are also a call to recognize unlimited human potential and our innate ability to grow and improve.

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