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Employee Empowerment - Read More

Driving Higher Workplace Performance: Using Analytics, Dashboard Metrics, and Soft Skills to Improve Results (PDF, 211 KB) When assigned the task of improving warehouse performance for a Western Canadian industrial distribution center, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt discovered the differences between “human” and “automated” business processes. February 2009.

Get Staff Involved in Quality Initiatives (PDF, 105 KB) By challenging employees to solve quality problems, a company saved more than $3.5 million the first year.

If You Give Your Employees a Voice, Do You Listen? (PDF, 67 KB) Making it easy for your employees to share their feedback is the first step. Being willing to respond quickly to their input builds commitment.

Empowerment in Total Quality: Designing and Implementing Effective Employee Decision-Making Strategies (PDF, 78 KB) This paper provides a conceptual definition of empowerment and offers an implementation strategy for Total Quality Management managers.

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