Data Collection and Analysis Tools - Read More

Data Collection and Analysis Tools - Read More

Child Protective Services Agencies Turn Data Into Action Using Quality Tools (PDF, 207 KB) The Children’s Research Center’s SafeMeasures® service uses quality tools to help navigate data fog and provide meaningful analysis. Results from agencies using the service demonstrate how the availability of timely and useful data has dramatically improved the documentation, delivery and monitoring of child protective services.

Improving Child Protective Services Using Quality Tools (PDF, 95 KB) With the help of an ASQ Community Good Works grant, the Children’s Research Center is piloting a training curriculum to teach data-driven improvement techniques to social service agency workers in Santa Cruz County, California. By teaching a basic 10-step process for improvement, the center equips social workers to overcome barriers created by complex state and federal regulations and inefficient case management systems.

Outperforming Completely Randomized Designs (PDF, 169 KB) Split-plot designs should be considered as an alternative to completely randomized designs even if running a completely randomized design is affordable.

Which Control Chart Do I Use? (PDF, 226 KB) It is important to choose the appropriate control chart. The type of control chart chosen can positively or negatively affect the outcomes. By selecting the appropriate control chart the economic control of quality is accomplished, minimizing mistakes that can be made in deciding the fate of a process on the basis of a sample.

Back to Basics: Is There a Relationship Here? A scatter diagram can help you determine if there’s a correlation between two variables.

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