Customer Experience Quotes

Customer Experience Quotes

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These popular quotes related to customer experience come from the Knowledge Center’s Quality Quotes collection.  

“The moment of Truth: Any episode in which the customer comes into contact with some aspect of the organization and gets an impression of its service.”

-  Karl Albrecht

“The moment of truth in the customer’s view of the world is a sense of discrepancy between what is expected or desired and what is occurring.”

-  Murgatroyd and Morgan

“Our social mission as a manufacturer is only realized when products reach, are used by, and satisfy the customer . . . We need to take the customer’s skin temperature daily.”

-  Konosuke Matsushita

“Because it is customers who must buy the product and who must be satisfied with it, the product must be developed with their needs and wants as the principal inputs to the new product development project. When this is not the case, the new product introduction is often disappointing.”

-  Ronald G. Day

“No customer asked for an automobile. We have horses: what could be better?”

-  W. Edwards Deming

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