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Cost of Quality (COQ) - Read More

Using Cost of Quality to Improve Business Results (PDF, 260 KB) Since centering improvement efforts on cost of quality, CRC Industries has reduced failure dollars as a percentage of sales and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. April 2006.

Cost of Quality: Why More Organizations Do Not Use It Effectively (PDF, 198 KB) Quality managers in organizations that do not track cost of quality (COQ) cite as reasons a lack of management support for quality control, time and cost of COQ tracking, lack of knowledge of how to track data and lack of basic cost data.

The Tip of the Iceberg (PDF, 157 KB) A Six Sigma initiative focused on reducing the costs of poor quality enables management to reap increased customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Cost of Quality (COQ): Which Collection System Should Be Used? (PDF, 73 KB) This article identifies the various COQ systems available and the benefits and disadvantages of using each system.

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