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Quality Strategy Improves Business School Placements (PDF, 103 KB)
Using competitive benchmarking and quality tools, Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies improved job placement results for its students, decreasing the number of interviews required to secure a position and increasing the mean salary offer, while also adding a new source of revenue for the organization.
March 2013

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children: Ferrari’s Formula One Handovers and Handovers From Surgery to Intensive Care Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) benchmarked its handoff from cardiac surgery to the intensive care unit against pit stop techniques of the Ferrari Formula One race car team. Process improvements resulted in increased patient safety and decreased error rates. Excerpted from chapter 10 of Benchmarking for Hospitals: Achieving Best-in-Class Performance Without Having to Reinvent the Wheel, by Victor E.Sower, Jo Ann Duffy, and Gerald Kohers.

Best Practices in Process Improvement (PDF, 235 KB) The internet is revolutionizing process improvement projects by facilitating benchmarking, speeding up data collection and putting people in contact with colleagues.

Benchmarking: A Tool for Sharing and Cooperation (PDF, 377 KB) Find out how NASA and the Kennedy Space Center used benchmarking to progress from incremental to breakthrough improvement.

Benchmarking and Best Practices (PDF, 17 KB) Implementing benchmarking and best practices, from definitions and appropriate uses to tools and methodologies, is discussed.

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