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Recognition for contributors to the quality knowledge community.

Have you authored a book or article, spoken at an event, participated on a review board, or contributed in some other way to the creation of ASQ content?

ASQ would like to offer public recognition for your role in advancing quality knowledge.

What do you want others who are passionate about quality to know about you?

Use your page any way you would like. Here are some ideas:

  • Post a 500-word bio and a photo
  • Link to your presence on social networking sites
  • Link to your resume
  • List your publication credits
  • Link to your organization’s website

View some examples:
Mark J. Anderson
George Beam
Gwanhoo Lee
Sharyn Mlinar
Govindarajan (Govind) Ramu
Enno Siemsen
Patrick J. Whitcomb

Jisun Yu

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Interested in writing your own profile page?
Start by reviewing ASQ's guidelines and suggestions.

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