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The Evolution of Social Responsibility:

Making the Quality Connection

SR globeThis communication kit provides tools and resources for increasing awareness of social responsibility (SR) within ASQ member units and discussion groups. The items included here will help you communicate the value of SR for your members and make a clear, beneficial connection between quality and SR.


Presentation Materials

Quality and Social Responsibility: Achieving Sustainable Results

Achieving Sustainable Results cover slideThis presentation on the relationship between quality and SR is ready "out of the box" for easy use by any ASQ group. Topics covered include the relevance of SR and its connection to quality; an introduction to ISO 26000, the international guidance standard on SR; and ASQ's involvement in SR and the avenues that are open to you to become involved. 

Choose from two formats:

  • Recorded Webinar: ASQ Fellow Dick Gould narrates this recorded slideshow. Just download the file and play for your members, or link to it from your own website. 
  • PowerPoint presentation slides: This PowerPoint slide deck includes detailed speaker notes that will help prepare anyone to deliver the presentation in person. Customize the slides by adding information or examples speciic to your industry or geographic region. 

Supporting Information

Bibliography of Supporting Information

Bibliography for Evolution of SR Presentation coverSee the data behind the presentation. Familiarize yourself with the research before delivering the presentation, and share these resources with your audience to help deepen the discussion.

This table contains all of the key facts included in the speaker notes and the citations you'll need to confirm them.


Choose from two formats:

  • Word document: Add your own facts and resources as you customize the presentation.
  • PDF: Ready for distribution by email or for use as a download for your website or a meeting handout. 

ASQ Links

Ready to explore further or become involved? Visit these pages on the ASQ website:

  • Social Responsibility and Quality: Learn more about how ASQ is involved with SR and the ISO 26000 standard offering guidance on social responsibility.  
  • Quality for Life: Find stories of professionals who use quality tools to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 
  • Hutchens Medal: Nominate someone for the Spencer Hutchens Jr Medal, which recognizes individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership as an advocate for social responsibility.

Let ASQ's Experts Help

Contact ASQ

SR team with globe for KCNeed ideas for customizing the presentation for your audience? Looking for someone to deliver this presentation for your group or participate in an online Q&A session? 

Let ASQ put you in touch with an SR subject matter expert. 

Contact the Knowledge Center for more information.  

About the creators of this kit

Members of the ASQ Division Affairs Council (DAC) Social Responsibility Peer Group created the materials in this communication kit: 

  • Dick Gould, DAC Social Responsibility Liaison
  • Marc Kelemen, Electronics and Communications Division 
  • Christena C. Shepherd, Government Division
  • Vicki Farwell, Lean Enterprise Division
  • Jack Moran, Quality Management Division
  • Kristina Bergkvist, Reliability Division
  • Greg Allen, Energy and Environmental Division
  • Aimee Siegler, Customer-Supplier Division
  • Laura Kinney, Healthcare Division
  • Adil F. Dalal, Human Development & Leadership Division
  • Lori Dellinger, Service Quality Division 
  • Byron Mattingly, Software Division
  • Sara Hejazi, Statistics Division 

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