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The Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK ®) 
Framework of Topics  

The thousands of topics within the QBOK fit into a framework based on several broad stages in the quality journey.

Figure 1. The quality journey

As the figure shows, the  journey begins with base quality competency. Individual processes, skills, and quality philosophy form the underpinning for the rest of the journey.

Improving enterprise systems and increasing quality in all aspects of an organization then prepare the way for a focus on sustainability and holistic living. A quality mindset adds rigor to creativity, innovation, and social responsibility, and quality becomes integrated into movements, not just organizations and communities.

Although not all topics in the framework can be listed here, a more detailed look at some of the topics at the highest levels follows.

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I. Pursuit of Personal Excellence 

 A. Personal knowledge, skills, and abilities

 B. Interpersonal and social skills

 C. Professional development

 D. Underlying quality philosophies

II. Pursuit of Operational Excellence 

 A. Process management and improvement

 B. Quality management principles

 C. Quality management tools

 D. Quality assurance approaches

 E. Measurement

 F. Standards

 G. Supply chain management

 H. Customer/market focus

 I. Statistical methods

 J. Product/service design, development, and execution

 K. Project management

III. Pursuit of Organizational Excellence 

 A. Leadership

 B. Strategic planning

 C. Teams

 D. Human-social systems

 E. Infrastructure

 F. Organizational analysis and assessment

 G. Quality philosophies—principles and practices

 H. Stakeholder Management

 I. Industry specific applications

IV. Pursuit of the Quality Ideal 

 A. Innovation

 B. Transformation

 C. Social Responsibility and Sustainability

 D. Enterprise Risk Management

 E. History of quality

 F. Thought leaders

 G. Organizational recognition awards

 H. Individual recognition awards




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