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All articles published in ASQ magazines and journals are also available online. What were the most popular articles of the 2015 publication year, based on the number of visits and downloads from the ASQ website?

Quality Progress

Keep Calm and Prepare for ISO 9001:2015

QP COVER SEPTEMBER 2015by Bill Aston; Susan Briggs; Charles Cianfrani; Deann Desai; Allen Gluck; Paul Palmes; Denise Robitaille; and John West

Eight experts outline key changes and how to handle them.

September 2015


Journal for Quality and Participation 

Does Your Organizational Culture Support Your Business Strategy?

JQP vol 37 issue 4 coverby Dave Eaton and Gabriella Kilby

Strategy only can be achieved when the organization’s culture is aligned so that people understand the required behaviors and act accordingly.

January 2015


Journal of Quality Technology

The Difficulty in Designing Shewhart X-bar and X Control Charts with Estimated Parameters

JQT v43 i2by Nesma A. Saleh, Mahmoud A. Mahmoud, Matthew J. Keefe, and William H. Woodall

The authors show that no realistic phase I sample size is sufficient to have confidence that the attained in-control ARL is close to the desired value. Additionally they investigate the effect of different process standard deviation estimators on the X-chart performance.

April 2015 

Quality Engineering

Remembering George E. P. Box: (Some) Anecdotes and Examples of His Industrial Statistics Legacy

QE Vol 22 No 3by José Ramirez

It is impossible to look at the field of statistics in the 20th century, and even the 21st century, without encountering Professor Box’s deep and long-lasting influence and contributions.

January 2015  


Quality Management Journal

Wearing the Hat of Quality: What Does It Really Mean?

QMJv22i2by Sam Yankelevitch

The label or title provided to any function can limit the extent of benefit it can bring to a company. This holds true for the quality function. In some companies the role of professionals in this field is relegated to product and manufacturing processes -- and sometimes even branded as interference.

April 2015 

Six Sigma Forum Magazine

Let it Flow

SSFMv14i2by Dennis R. Delisle and Kathleen Jaffe

Improving perioperative patient flow using lean improvement strategies.

February 2015


Software Quality Professional

Implementation and Certification of ISO/IEC 29110 in an
IT Startup in Peru

SQPv17i2by Luis García Paucar, Claude Y. Laporte, Jaylli Arteaga, and Marco Bruggmann

This article presents the implementation of ISO/IEC 29110 in a four-person IT startup company in Peru.

March 2015 



Nonparametric Variable Transformation in Sufficient
Dimension Reduction

TechnoCoverby Qing Mai & Hui Zou

Sufficient dimension reduction (SDR) techniques have proven to be very useful data analysis tools in various applications. Underlying many SDR techniques is a critical assumption that the predictors are elliptically contoured.

February 2015

Online-Exclusive Case Studies  

Mega Pack Line Blow-Up: DMAIC Roadmap Leads Boston Scientific Heredia to Reengineer Packaging Lines

BSCI Case Imgby Daniel Calvo Camacho

The Mega Pack Line Blow-Up Project at Boston Scientific, Heredia (Costa Rica) was intended to implement an efficient continuous-flow packaging line in the Amplatz Super Stiff™ Guidewires area. The project focused on integrating the sub-assembly operation within the hooping, packaging, and boxing areas, plus the installation and validation of an automated pouch sealer. Using a DMAIC roadmap to identify and achieve positive results, the project resulted in a savings of more than $100,000 and positively affected many other aspects of production.

January 2015 

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