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The Knowledge Center: Your Front Door to Tens of Thousands of Resources on Quality

KCPPTCoverSlideASQ members have access to tens of thousands of resources related to defining, achieving, measuring, controlling, and improving quality, and you can find these resources in the online Knowledge Center.


Use the materials in this kit to help raise member awareness of ...

  • What's in the Knowledge Center
  • How to locate content items
  • Opportunities to participate in knowledge exchange  

Plan a meeting in four easy steps

1. Prepare

- Speaker notes include talking points and other suggestions for you to consider.

- Use the slides as-is or customize them and plan your own conversation. 


2. Promote your meeting

Download the meeting flyer (MS Word format) and customize it for your section:

Knowledge Center Meeting Flyer cover- Download your section logo and add it in place of the ASQ logo.

- Fill in time and place details for your meeting. 

- Convert to PDF for posting to your website, or use the document as source content for your website announcements.

3. Host the discussion

  • Use the presentation slides to introduce the Knowledge Center and start a discussion. 
  • Or choose to play these screencasts, available through ASQ's YouTube channel, for
    your attendees:

YouTube Logo

ASQ's Knowledge Center: Your Front Door to 25,000 Resources on Quality: An introduction to the variety of information available.

Searching the ASQ Knowledge Center: A closer look at using the search feature to locate specific content items.

4. Collect feedback

So that the Knowledge Center can continue to improve the quality and relevance of future meeting kits, please consider asking your attendees for feedback. Contact with any comments or ideas for improvement.

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