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The Corning Journey to Performance Excellence

Corning manufacturingDiscuss the quality transformation at Corning, Incorporated. The materials in this kit are created from the Next Generation Quality Leadership case study "The Corning Journey to Performance Excellence: Innovation Spanning Three Centuries."  Deliver the prepared presentation; play a video clip featuring Don McCabe, former senior vice president, manufacturing and performance excellence, Corning; and use the conversation starters provided to lead a discussion.


Plan a meeting in four easy steps

1. Prepare

Mayo Clinic Meeting Slides cover

- The speaker notes include talking points and other suggestions for you to consider.

- Use the slides as-is or customize them and plan your own conversation. 

2. Promote your meeting

Download the meeting flyer (MS Word format) and customize it for your section:

Corning meeting kit flyer- Download your section logo and add it in place of the ASQ logo.

- Fill in time and place details for your meeting. 

- Convert to PDF for posting to your website, or use the document as source content for your website announcements.

3. Host the discussion

Don McCabe- Use the presentation slides to introduce the case study and start a discussion.

- Play the recommended 14-minute video clip focusing on Corning's performance excellence model, or select your own clip from the full video. 


4. Collect feedback

So that the Knowledge Center can continue to improve the quality and relevance of future meeting kits, please consider asking your attendees for feedback. Contact with any comments or ideas for improvement. 

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