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QBOK®Subsystem: Acquisition

Acquisition is the engine that keeps the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK) growing. The QBOK seeks to provide the right outlets and appropriate levels of prestige and recognition so that contributors remain interested in generating new content. Since the QBOK is not limited to ASQ intellectual property, content developed by other organizations also can be acquired.   

About the Process

Purpose: Provides support and guidelines for gathering and developing new quality knowledge to meet the prioritized needs of the quality community.  

Key activities:

  • Recruit subject matter experts, new content, and publishing partners
  • Review content submissions for accuracy, validity, and relevance 
  • Secure copyright or appropriate permissions   
  • Develop content according to ASQ editorial and branding guidelines 

Frequency: Ongoing  

Suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers:

QBOK Acquisition Subsystem

Share your effective acquisition tools

 What recruitment, acquisition, and development materials have worked for you? Send them to to be made available for sharing here.

What Assistance Is Available?

Contact for help with your recruitment, copyright, and development questions. 

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