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Joseph M. Juran 1904-2008

Joseph M. Juran, one of quality’s most influential pioneers and leaders, died Thursday, February 28, at the age of 103.

Juran, who was active right up until his death, will always be remembered as the father of modern-day quality management. His many contributions changed not only the world of quality, but the world itself.

The April issue of Quality Progress magazine offers a special salute to The Architect of Quality.

Read more about Juran’s remarkable life in this biography from the ASQ Web site.

A more comprehensive tribute to the guru of quality was published in this May 2004 Quality Progress article, as Juran approached his 100th birthday. (This article has been released from ASQ's member-only archives and is now free to the public.)

Watch for tributes to Juran, an area to offer your own thoughts, condolences and memories, and more coverage of his passing in the coming days.

Book Excerpt: Beating the Roulette Wheel, by Joseph M. Juran (MEMBERS ONLY- PDF, 52 KB)
In this colorful excerpt from his book "Architect of Quality," Juran tells how he used quality methods to "beat the house" in an Al Capone-era gambling hall.

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