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Submission Guidelines

Membership is not a requirement for division and forum contributors, but we strongly encourage you to read and understand the site's current content before submitting an article.

What to Submit

ASQ looks for articles that explore the key concepts of quality and target the interests of specific sectors among various experience levels.

We especially encourage the following types of content.

  • Case studies: Step-by-step descriptions and results of specific projects that you or your organization completed.
  • Perspectives pieces: Your own assessment, based on experience and/or research, of trends and developments in quality.
  • Tutorials: How-to discussions or illustrations for quality practitioners of any experience level.
  • Human-interest features: Less technical discussions of your own role, experiences, or insights about working in the quality field.

Note: Please do not submit product releases, awards announcements, or other commercial content. We will not publish an article that serves primarily to promote an organization or individual's products or services. We also discourage articles that require readers to use a specific product to implement the technique or process described.

How to Submit Your Article

Send us your article, using the on-line manuscript submission form.

Following these guidelines will help expedite the publication process if your article is accepted.

  • Title. The most effective titles will be up to 10 words.
  • Text. Articles may be between 500 and 2000 words. Begin with an introduction that explains the significance of the methods or issues discussed. Aim for clarity of expression and readability throughout. Remember to define technical terms and introduce acronyms in parentheses following the terms they abbreviate.
  • References. At the end of your manuscript, list all literature specifically cited in the text. 
  • Figures. Use figures to summarize lengthy material like lists, comparisons or contrasts, case-study descriptions, methods (possibly in flowchart form), relational models, results, and so on. Number and label all figures, and incorporate them directly into the text.

Who Will Read Your Submission

Site editors make decisions about submissions based on utility and appropriateness for ASQ customers and members. Our main criteria include originality, readability, presentation, and contribution to the body of knowledge and professional development of the reader.

We will attempt to notify you of the status of your submission within one week. In some cases, we may request revisions for articles we intend to publish. We may also have subject matter experts review submissions to verify technical accuracy.

We regard each paper as a privileged document and will not release it to the press or public before receiving your written consent for publication.

Copyright Information

Copyright law requires that publishers obtain written transfer of copyright from the author(s) prior to publication. After accepting your article, we will ask you to sign and return a copyright form for the final copy of the manuscript. United States Government employees must sign the section stating exemption from the copyright laws.

Submitted content must be your original work. If you use substance from other works in your article, you must obtain written permission to reprint the borrowed material. This includes any illustrations, tables, or substantive extracts (direct quotations) that are outside the realm of fair use. Written permission must include a complete citation from the copyright owner (usually the publisher) to reprint each item of borrowed material. Articles cannot be published until we receive copies of all permission letters.

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